We have a bad habit. Every year, Americans use millions of tons of plastic just once, before throwing it away – and far too much of it ends up in our oceans. Together, we can change our ways and put plastic in its place.

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Costa’s Commitment

Costa was #BornOnTheWater by a group of fishermen in 1983. Since then, we have supported causes that contribute to the preservation of our watery world. It’s part of our DNA.

Lately we’ve seen an increasing amount of plastic pollution on our adventures. Plastic is not only clogging our landfills but is finding its way into our waterways and oceans at an unprecedented rate. Kick Plastic was launched by Costa to help reduce the amount of plastic we use as a company and to mobilize a movement. You can help.

What You Should Know:

  • The equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute.
  • By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight).
  • Almost all the plastic ever produced is still around.
  • One in four fish tested have plastic in them.

Costa's Commitment to Kick Plastic

Let’s Kick Plastic Together

None of us wants to live in a plastic sea. Join us in the movement to Kick Plastic by spreading the word about the issue, engaging in solutions, and helping create positive change.

Here’s How You Can Share:

  • Post about Kick Plastic to your social media accounts. We’ve collected images and facts that’ll help spread the word. View Now!
  • Be sure to tag your posts with #KickPlastic. We’ll amplify your posts on our campaign page to help you reach more people.

Small Changes Make A Big Impact:

  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Remember to carry reusable grocery bags
  • Skip the plastic straw and utensils
  • Participate in your local beach or river cleanup

Learn More About the Issue:

Costa supports the following organizations’ K-12 educational programming.

  • 5 Gyres created a Next Generation Science Standards Educational Curriculum focused on marine plastic pollution. LEARN MORE
  • OCEARCH includes plastic pollution content in its STEM educational curriculum. LEARN MORE
  • National Marine Educators Association invites all educators to their annual conference “Charting a Course for Conservation” from July 15-20 in Long Beach, CA. LEARN MORE

Let's Kick Plastic Together


By helping to spread the word and reducing our reliance on disposable packaging, we can man the front lines in this fight against ocean trash and help kick our plastic habit.

Make Your Living on The Water?

The Kick Plastic Guide & Outfitter program is designed to help you make the switch from disposable to reusable water bottles in your business. As a guide, your number one priority is to protect the waters you fish. With your help, we can get water bottles out of every guide boat in North America within a decade.

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The Kick Plastic Guide & Outfitter program is designed to help you make the switch from disposable to reusable water bottles in your business